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Court's Name District of Alaska
Release Name NextGen CM/ECF Release 1.7.1 (Revision
ECF Go Live Date 10/01/2001
Maximum PDF File Size (MB) 50
Maximum Merge Document Size (MB) 100
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Court Locations
Court's Name District of Alaska
Court's Address Historic Courthouse, 605 W. 4th Avenue,Suite 138,Anchorage, AK, 99501-2296
Court's Phone Number Clerk's Office (907)271-2655 or Toll Free (800)859-8059, McVCIS (866)222-8029
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours 9:00 a.m. to Noon and 1:00 to 4:30 p.m.,Monday - Friday

PACER Details
PACER Address PACER Service Center, PO Box 780549, San Antonio TX 78278-0549
PACER Phone Number 800-676-6856
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Flag Definitions
109hCC Waiver Requested
12FnlRptTrustee's Ch 12 Final Rpt Filed
13CnfNtcDueCh 13 Notice To File Objections To Plan Due
13FnlRptTrustee's Ch 13 Final Rpt Filed
13HrgDueCh 13 Confirmation Hearing To Be Set
13PlanOver60Ch 13 Plan Over 60 Months
13PlnRecDueCh 13 Plan Recommendation Due from Trustee
13PostRecActionTrustee's Recommendation Filed - Action Due
341concluded341 Meeting of Creditors - CONCLUDED
707(b)Presumption of Abuse under 707(b) Do Not Discharge
727OBJObjection to Discharge Filed
APPEALAppeal Filed
AdvRevDueAdversary Review Due
BARDEBTORBarred Debtor
BOCBill of Costs Filed
BPPBankruptcy Petition Preparer OF 119 Filed
CCDefCredit Counseling Deficiency
CLOSEDCase Closed
CNOCertificate of No Objection Filed
ConfirmedPlanPlan Has Been Confirmed
ConsolidatedConsolidated Case
ConvertedCase Converted
CounDueCredit Counseling Certification has not been filed - Do Not Discharge
DISMISSEDCase Dismissed
DSOCertification of Domestic Support Obligation
DebtEdFinancial Management Due - Do Not Discharge
DeferClosingDefer Case Closing
DeferredFeesFiling Fee Deferred By Order
DirAplA Direct Appeal has been filed in the Circuit Court DO NOT DISCHARGE
DischargeDENIEDA Denial of Discharge has been entered
DischargeDeferredEntry of Discharge Deferred
DischargeINELIGIBLENotice of Non-Entitlement to Discharge Entered
DistributionReportTrustee's Final Account (TDR) Filed
DsclsDueDisclosure Statement Due
EfiledCase Filed Electronically
Emergency/ExparteMtnEmergency or Ex parte Motion Filed
FaxFilingDueOriginal of Faxed Filing Due
FederalExemptionFederal Exemption (XML Case Opening)
FeeDueINSTInstallment Payment Due
HealthCareHealth Care Business
IFPIFP fee Waived
IFPMotionIFP Motion Pending
IFPMtnDueIFP Motion Due
IndBusinessIndividual Business Case
InvoluntaryInvoluntary Petition
JointlyAdministeredJointly Administered Case
JuryDemandJury Demand Filed
LBF37DueLBF37 Declaration Due
LEADLead Case
M1519Motion for Provisional Relief Section 1519
M1521/1507Motion for Post-Recognition Relief Section 1521/1507
MEANSNONo Presumption Arises
MEANSTMPEXTemporary exclusion from means test for reservists and national guard
MEANSUMeans Unknown
MEANSYESPresumption Arises Yes
MtnHSDischargeMotion for Hardship Discharge Filed
OBJ1515Objection to Recognition of Foreign Proceeding Section 1515
OBJ1519Objection to Provisional Relief Section 1519
OBJ1521/1507Objection to Post-Recognition Relief Section 1521/1507
OPSCase Opened Pro Se
ORD1515Order on Recognition of Foreign Proceeding Section 1515
ORD1519Order on Motion for Provisional Relief Section 1519
ORD1521/1507Order on Motion for Post-Recognition Relief Section 1521/1507
OSCRefOSC Referral to Chambers
OSLCase Contains An Official Service List
ObjExemptObjection to Exemption Filed
OrderDueCtOrder Due From Court
OrderDuePtyOrder Due From A Party To The Case
OriginalSigDueOriginal Signature Due
OvrrideA creditor has filed a request for an address override for this case only
POAPower of Attorney Submitted
POCNoticeSend Notice to File Claims
PRIORBARDebtor Barred in Prior Filing
PetRevDuePetition Review Due
PlnDuePlan Due
REAFA reaffirmation agreement has been filed - Do Not Discharge
RENTRent Deposit Paid to Court
REOPENEDReopened Case
ReafRVReaffirmation Review Completed
ReconsiderMtnMotion to Reconsider Filed
RemoteDocPetition or Documents Due From Remote Court Office
Repeat-AKprior BK filing within this court
RepeatPACERprior BK filing identified by Pacer Case Locator
ReqSepNtcDebtor's Request for Separate Notice Filed
SARESingle Asset Real Estate Case
SPLITCASEJoint Case Severed
SSNdueVerification of SSN on Form 21 Due
SkipPriorRelCaseSkip AJT assignment because the case has a prior or related case
SmBusThis Ch 11 case declared a small business concern
StateExemptionState Exemption (XML Case Opening)
StmtMilSvcStatement of Military Service Filed
Subchapter_VChapter 11, Subchapter V
SubordinateSubordinate Case
TRCFeeDueTransfer of Claim Fee Due
TaxReqMtn for access to tax information filed. Crt of svc or order due. DO NOT DISCHARGE
Transfer/RemovedCase was Transfered/Removed from Another Court/District
TransferClaimNotice of Transfer/Assignment/Substitution of Claim
TrialSetTrial Date has Been Set
UnderAdvisementMatter Under Advisement
VolConversionNotice of Voluntary Conversion Filed
VoluntaryDismissalNotice of Voluntary Dismissal Filed
WTRSVRENDWithdrawal of Trustee Services Rendered Filed
WdrwReferenceFiledMotion for Withdrawal of Reference Filed
WithXMLDataA code to track cases opened with XML data
eSROpened from an eSR package

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